Mechanical seal systems in Montreal


Fematics Canada traces its roots back to 1901, with the founding of Huhn seals in Sweden. Huhn decided to open a branch in Canada, and Montreal was selected to establish their offices, in 1961.

Eleven years later, in 1972, the North American branch of Huhn formed a separate company under the name of Tyton and went on to set new standards for turbine seals worldwide, improving greatly on the products of the former Swedish company. In the years wich followed, Tyton developed several types of cartridge seals and developed expertise in custom seals for a wide variety of industries, including hydro, marine and industrial type mechanical seals.

In 1993, Tyton was bought out by new owners, and changed its name to Fematics Canada Inc. Due to the name recognition, the Tyton name and logo is still used today, and is internationally renowned.

Today, we feel 55 years young, and we are a steadily growing company, with 45% of our products exported worldwide. Complete new seals, refurbishments, custom designs, in house manufacturing, site installation supervision are only a few of the advantages you will find at Tyton Fematics.

With a staff of over twenty (20) dedicated employees, we can provide you with quality craftsmanship, quick delivery and cost effective water sealing solutions.

Fematics Canada Inc. is the name to remember for reliable mechanical seal systems.


Limited Warranty Policy

Tyton Fematics warrants all seals to be free from defects in materials or workmanship for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of installation, or eighteen (18) months from the date of invoice, whichever is earlier. At our discretion, we will repair or replace seals which show such defects.

This warranty can be extended to thirty-six (36) months, in the case where we supply a complete sealing solution; including a filtration system (a hydraulic fluid analysis can be mandatory).

This warranty applies to all seals, whether new or factory reconditioned, as long as the seals have never been reconditioned by a third party.

This warranty does not cover loss of profit, downtime, and similar consequential damages. Warranty is limited to the amount of contract.

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Our production equipment


  • RAVENSBURG Model PKZ-20, swing 132’’ (11ft) Semi-Face Lathe
  • COLOMBO Model VUSF 271, swing 60’’ (5’), DC drive
  • SHENYANG Model CW6280, bed length 29.5’’, spindle 4’


  • WOTAN, cross travel 71’’, 4-1/8’’ boring spindle, electronic readout Milling and boring machine
  • MECOF CS103, travel 90’’x67’’x40’’, spindle 50 ISO, 3-axis positioning control


  • DAHLIH, Model MCV1500, 1500mmx630mmx700mm, ISO 50 spindle, 24 position tool holder
  • FANUC Robodrill Alpha T14ie, 8000 RPM spindle, 25.6’’x14.0’’ table, precision to 0.2mil up to 300mm


  • CLEVELAND Type 1000, 40’’ diameter plate


Fematics Canada keeps its focus on the ever changing markets, and keeps up to date on the latest projects, innovations, and evolving technologies. Here is a list of associations in our industry.

We are a member of:

Ontario Waterpower Association

National Hydropower Association

Other industry related associations and links:

AQPER – Association Québécoise de la production d’énergie renouvelable

Power-Gen International

HydroVision International

Hydro Power and Dams

Water Power Magazine


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