Mechanical seal systems in Montreal

Auxiliary Products

Fematics Canada Inc. has always presented themselves as a complete solution company. We stand by our products and we want to be your preferred partner, in providing you with a complete turnkey system for your rotating equipment. Here is a list of axiliary products available for our mechanical seals:

Control Panels

In order to obtain the maximum efficiency out of your new mechanical seal, and to obtain a zero-leak sealing, Tyton-Fematics control panels are your eye on the job. With precise monitoring of inlet pressure, seal pressure, water injection flow and differential pressure regulators to keep that seal closed properly, these simple, compact and efficient control panels are designed with operator ease in mind.

We can design control panels for any standards, or built to your specs. From simple mechanical systems, to fully automated PLC controlled units, your imagination is the only limit.

Auxiliary products for you sealing system
Auxiliary products for you sealing system
Auxiliary products for you sealing system
Auxiliary products for you sealing system

Water Filtration Systems

Lubrication/cooling water is one of the key component of a mechanical seal. Proper filtration of this water is primordial, and will set the standard for the longevity of your sealing faces. Our water filtration packages can be designed to attain the water quality recommended for our seals. Depending on the quantity of material to be removed from the water, we can built systems with two, four or more cartridges, assembled in a duplex setup to let you change filters with the unit running.

Recommended water cleanliness for Tyton-Fematicsseals :

Axial Seals 75 microns
Radial Seals 25 microns

* Water quality requirements vary with turbine speed and pressure,
consult your Fematics representative for more information *

Depending on water pressure supplied from the pump/turbine head, we can also supply pumping systems, to be able to obtain the flow/pressure recommended to ensure the seal gets enough water depending on the rotational speed of the shaft. Pumping setups are most often installed in redundancy to make sure the seal never runs out of water.

Auxiliary products for you sealing system

Maintenance Seals

Static seals, or maintenance seals, are used for safety, when the rotating equipment shaft is not turning. The maintenance seal is inflated by air to provide a good sealing of the water/chemical into the pump/turbine housing. Our proprietary ‘Pneumostop’ seal has been used for many years on propeller shafts, hydro turbines and waste water pumps.

Due to our male and female ends design, the seal can be installed without any gluing or vulcanizing to facilitate on-site installation. Available in any lengths, our ‘Pneumostop’ seal starts to inflate at 15 PSI (1 bar), and is rated for a maximum of 120 PSI (8 bar)

Auxiliary products for you sealing system
Auxiliary products for you sealing system
Auxiliary products for you sealing system
Auxiliary products for you sealing system

Wear Indicators

Today, predictive maintenance is key in keeping productivity levels high and limiting unplanned maintenance to a low level. Wear indicators are a crucial component used in mechanical seals to monitor the wear of the sealing surface. We offer visual wear indicators, that can be measured from time to time and logged for proper seal wear monitoring.

Auxiliary products for you sealing system
Auxiliary products for you sealing system

When access to the seal is limited, we also offer a LVDT type electronic wear indicator. This electronic feedback sends a standard 4-20Ma or 0-10V signal, that lets you constantly monitor the wear on your sealing surface from the comfort of your control room. LVDT systems can be retrofitted onto our mechanical wear indicators, when an upgrade to this type of system is needed.

Auxiliary products for you sealing system

Shaft Sleeves

Replacing the turbine/pump shaft is an expensive and time intensive repair to do. Radial seals will eventually wear down the shaft surface. Often used in refurbishments, shaft sleeves are a cost-effective way to expand the life of your turbine shaft, or can also be used to protect a new shaft from the wear of a radial seal.

We custom design shaft sleeves to fit any turbine/pump shafts. Shaft sleeves are split into 2 or 4 segments, depending on size and access to the installation area on-site.

Auxiliary products for you sealing system
Auxiliary products for you sealing system

O-ring Vulcanizing Tool

O-ring Vulcanizing Tool

Additionnally, it is extremely compact and easy to use, even in the turbine pit. Together with the detailed instruction manual, you will no longer have issues with O-ring joints that fail on-site.Provided in the exact sizes you need for your application, our vulcanizing tool operates on 115V, and is supplied with a liquid buna bottle.

Auxiliary products for you sealing system


Knowing everything about your mechanical seal means that you can oversee with ease, any problems that might occur or any change in the working environment. Fematics Canada Inc. can provide your seals with a wide range of sensors, as :

  • Pressure sensors

    Pressure sensors can be used to monitor the water pressure inside the turbine/pump, the pressure inside the mechanical seal, pressure of the lubrication water, etc… They can be used to monitor pressure spikes and/or pressure variations in the system. Air pressure is also used to close axial seal faces. This pressure is extremely important to monitor as it directly affects seal performance.

  • Temperature sensors

    Water temperature, especially between the sealing faces, is of crutial importance. Our temperature sensors monitor this temperature, and can be used to diagnose seal closing pressure problems or injection water pump issues.

  • Wear Indicators

    Wear indicators monitor the wear of the sealing part of the seal. They can be used to create wear curves, and help plan seal maintenance when the sealing face is worn down and needs replacement.

  • Flow meters

    Flow meters measure the flow of water injected between the sealing face and the seat face of the seal. This water flow is critical for the longevity of the seal, to lubricate and cool the faces.

  • Particle counter (water contamination level)

    Water quality is another very important aspect of a good, long lasting mechanical seal surface. Monitoring the water quality injected between your sealing faces lets you rest assured that your filtration system is working well. You can also stay ahead of any changes in the contamination passing through your water lubrication system, and prevent expensive damages to your mechanical seal and/or pumping system.

We can design any system, integrating one, or all types of sensors used in mechanical seals. Whether you are looking for a simple mechanical monitoring system or a complete PLC controlled state of the art maintenance prediction system, Fematics Canada Inc. is your preferred supplier

Packing boxes and Packing material

Packing boxes, while being an old technology, are still very common today. Our design team can help you with the replacement of your old packing box or the refurbishment/repair of your old system components.

We are a distributor for Slade, which we believe, is one of the best braided packing material in the world. We can supply sealing products for pumps, valves and flanges.


For more information regarding our mechanical seal system products and services, contact us now.