Mechanical seal systems in Montreal



Engineered to your specifications, CAD and 3D design
With more than 55 years of knowledge in mechanical seal design, you can trust Fematics Canada for supplying you with a proven seal design that can fit into tight envelopes, resist to harsh chemicals, keep high pressures under control, and give you many years of leak free operation of your rotating equipment.

Each of our mechanical seal is engineered to your specifications. We can supply all formats of CAD drawings, with spare parts lists, so maintenance in the future will be easy, and information will be accessible. We use AutoCAD™ and Inventor™ for all of our designs.

Tired of tightning that old stuffing box seal and want to upgrade to a radial or axial seal, but don’t know where to start? Contact us, we can help you with the design and orient you to which technology is best for you, while staying in your budget. Our engineering group can visit your site and help you make the right decision in choosing the right mechanical seal for your system.

Our mechanical seal system services


Our mechanical seal system services

Rely on our experience and capable technicians
We have helped many customers supervise installation of our mechanical seals. Whether you are a marine drydock refurbishing a seal for a vessel or at a hydro plant installing a brand new unit, our technicians can bring our knowledge to you, to help you save time on the installation and making sure all components are installed to our specifications.

Why take the chance to compromise the warranty of your new equipment, or worse, having a seal failure right at the start of your rotating equipment.


Complete failure analysis, to fully understand what happened
Seal failure can happen. Sometimes after just a couple of years of operation, sometimes after twenty (20) years… But what exactly happened ? Was it installation, was it initial design, vibration, cooling water insufficiency ?

Our engineering department can help you find out the root cause of your issues, and recommend modifications, new designs of your seal, different sealing material, or anything that will fix your sealing problems at site. With the years, we have seen many different seal design, from manufacturers all around the world. Count on us to help you complete the failure analysis and diagnostic. With complete reports from certified engineers, or highly experienced technicians, we are your partner in upgrading your equipment’s performance and assessing its reliability.

Our mechanical seal system services


Our mechanical seal system services

Static and dynamic, up to 50’’ diameter
Testing a new design or validating performance at site is not always possible. This is where our testing facilities come in to play. From small industrial type seals to large radial seals, we are equipped to test seals before they are shipped out. Our main test bench, capable of testing seals up to 50’’ in diameter, is equipped with a variable drive motor, so we can test to the exact RPM of your shaft, and simulate water pressure and flow.

All of our industrial type seals are tested before shipping. This is why we stand behind our twelve (12) months from date of installation warranty.


Carbon segments, maintenance seals, indicators and more
Keeping your mechanical seals running smooth and tight is critical. Keeping spare parts on hand is vital, but costly. We are constantly looking for reliable suppliers for our supplied parts, and continuously improving our manufacturing process to help keep costs down and parts produced as quickly as possible.

Our high-quality carbon segments are renowned worldwide. Our manufacturing facilities are lean and efficient, which helps us keep our prices low, while always supplying you with a highly precise sealing component. We can design carbon segments of any shape and size, to fit any of our competitor’s seal.

If you own or operate a hydro turbine, chemical plant, municipal water plant or chemical plant, and are looking for a reliable supplier for any spare parts or complete replacement units, Tyton-Fematics is the company to ask for.

Looking for a reliable supplier for your spare parts? Contact Fematics Canada Inc.

Our mechanical seal system services


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